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Personal information leaks from Fallout 76 players due to system errors

Fallout 76 Caps An error on the support site of Bethesda the US publisher of electronic games allowed the personal information leakage of players of "Fallout 76" and made it possible to open and close the complaints made on the site. The game is available for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC.

ESET a leading proactive threat detection company warns Fallout 76 gamers that an error on Bethesda's support site has allowed users' personal information to leak and made it possible to open and close claims on the site.

Although the company has already corrected the problem and closed access to such information it is not known how long the site has been exposed. There are reports from users who claim to have even received information aboutcheap Fallout 76 Caps the type of credit card from other users.

"The user must be aware of the value of their personal information and take the necessary precautions to protect their accounts. ESET believes that education is the first step and having a double factor of authentication is a key point as well as creating different passwords "said Cecilia Pastorino IT Security Specialist at ESET Latin America." It's always better to have security solutions installed and up-to-date "says Cecilia Pastorino.

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