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Fallout 76 players may soon open their own store

Fallout 76 Caps If you have always dreamed of starting your own store in Fallout 76 Bethesda will soon give you the chance to fulfill your dreams.

The announcement of the new feature called "player vending" reveals no details yet about the precise operation in Fallout 76. In player vending players can normally open their own store and sell different items to other players. There are currently still many uncertainties about the operation of the sale of the goods.

The publisher already buy FO76 Capsteased us with new content for the online RPG and today they have announced the first details. They wanted to make NPCs out of the players in this game but actually gave too few tools.

In addition to the player vending function new missions were announced in the same blog post in-game events Vaults and a new PvP mode. In addition Bethesda recently announced a major update in which the developer reports many reported problems of players to resolve.

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