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Fallout 76: new PvE content will arrive in March

FO76 Caps As we reported the first real PvP mode of Fallout 76 called "Survival" will arrive in March. This new version of Appalachia incorporates the same structure as the current game but encourages the clash between players eliminating the limitations in what will be renamed "Adventure".

As you know in March Fallout 76 will receive a new PvP mode called Survival which will be detached from the game and aims to give players a more hardcore experience than the PvP content of the basic version of the game. But many did not welcome the announcement well because they hoped to have new PvE content.

In case you are not competitive lovers do not worry: Bethesda seems to have new content in store for you cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps always coming in March. To reveal it was Valseek Community manager who spoke through Reddit: "We know that many would like more PvE content and although it can not reveal anything I will say that the Survival mode will not be the only addition coming in March on Fallout 76 so keep following us! "

The community of Fallout 76 can become very noisy when you put it so the game's community manager wanted to reassure everyone about Reddit stating that along with the PvP content new PvE content will also arrive in March. For now no details have been provided on these contents but it seems that the community has calmed down after knowing that they will arrive.

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